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About us, about our nails! ☺️💕

Established in January of 2021 Nail splurge is multi nail needs company that provides services from detailed art press ons to acrylic nail and toe sets!  
Our start: Working in the medical field and being limited to nail designs and lengths is what first opened my mind to press on nail designs. But in stores we are limited to styles and lengths. But here at Nail Splurge the sky is the limit!
press ons ☺️💅🏽:
The goal of our press on sets specifically, is to not just give the look of the traditional bland and shapeless press ons, but to create a beautiful carefully curated high quality set that mimics a actual acrylic nail set. This, partnered with dope designs gives you a absolutely gorgeous and cost effective way to always slay! 😍✨


It can get very costly when going to the salon ESPECIALLY if you love to change your look up, and not to mention time consuming! Our press ons are 150% reusable! You can literally build a collection 😍 

Long lasting 📆: 

These nails can be used time and time again ! They have a life span reported from 6-9 months ! 

and now the infamous question 😆 how long does the application last ? One of the greatest parts is that these sets can last 1-2 weeks with proper application and of course proper care ! (But please keep in mind this will depend on your daily activities and and proper application) AND a application is free with your purchase ! And if you’re not able to make it in it’s ok! Everything you’ll need to successfully apply your set will be provided with your purchase!

And remember ladies if you desires a strong bond but would like to take your nails off at the end of the day or the following day or so you can use the sticky tabs for easier removal. The are strong and will last you with no problem with proper application! 💪🏽
And this is also a better option if you wish to take them off soon because trying to remove the nail glued nail from the nail bed can cause damage to the nail

Career Badie??: 

And this one right here is for all of my career badies who still love to slay! Unfortunately some of our careers or lifestyle will not allow for acrylics, long nails, bright colors or bling 😢  😴 while this can be rather sad and not to mention boring ! This is where your press ons come in to play ! This is actually a reason I myself started wearing press ons 😌😊 you can style on your off time and still maintain you professionalism! 

So as you can see no matter what your reasoning these sets are SO for you ! ☺️💕💅🏽 - Nail Splurge (owner Armeshia Jenkins)