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Application & Care instructions 💅🏽



                   How to apply

Please note that each set comes with files so that you can adjust the size of the nails as you need. I also recommend using a file and or toe nail clipper (preferably straight edged) to adjust the shape and length of the toe nails if needed. 

For maxim stay: fully roughen the nails bed and remove shine from all press nails (in the nail bed area) with the file provided(or you can use a rougher file if you have one) removing all shine from your nail beds and press ons will ensure maximum stay and roughing up the nail bed will make adhesion very strong and lasting. Next arrange your nails in which ever order you’d like them in and place each nails to your nail bed before applying glue to ensure the fit (as mentioned above you can use the files if you need file the shape of the nail to fit your liking)then Apply a moderate amount of glue to a finger and back side of the nail and apply to nail holding in securely for 10-15 seconds, repeat this with each nail

For easier removal: you can skip buffing/roughing of the nail bed and just skip to the gluing step or just use the sticky tabs provided)

Sticky tabs: (if using the tabs follow the above instructions up until applying the nail to the nail bed with glue, instead you will use your tabs ) choose the proper sized tab for the nail, then apply the sticky side of the tab directly to the press on nail (the nail bed area) with slight pressure then peel off the plastic tab and apply to nail bed with slight pressure.


          Toe nail application

Apply each toe nail (using the glue is recommended) following the “how to apply” steps. At the top of this page 

Once you’ve chose the sizes that works best for you apply the big toe nail and clip the toe nails to your liking

For your toe nail press ons you can use a straight edge or curve toe nail clipper (I prefer a straight edge nail nail clipper for a straighter neater cut) to clip the toe nails to your liking . Enjoy Nail splurge Babe ! 😘

           How to remove and preserve press ons: fill a small bowl with hot water (but not too hot for your hands!) apply a generous amount of oil (any oil of your choosing. baby oil, vitamin e oil, cuticle oil ect, olive oil, literally whatever oil lol ... I personally like vitamin E oil. You can get this from Walmart or roses.)around the cuticle area. Also apply a generous amount of this oil to the water along with a generous amount of hand soap, body wash, dawn dish soap ect… and you can even add conditioner, any soap lather . Next Soak your hands in the water for 25-40 mins (this will depend upon how long you have wore the nails and what method of application you have used) The longer you sit the more loosened the nails will become (just like a acrylic soak off. But DO NOT USE ACETONE! unless you do not wish to reuse the nails ACETONE WILL COMPLETELY DESTROY THE NAIL) and you can work them off SIDE TO SIDE with the cuticle pusher provided. Once removed you can clean dry and store your press ons for future use 😊 If you would like a quicker way to carefully remove your press ons please see my Instagram page for a video the steps INSTRUCTIONS:

1. Using the cuticle pusher (I also advise that you oil your cuticle are also) provided VERY GENTLY (to not damage the press on) work the the pusher under each side of the cuticle area of the nail until each side has slightly lifted.

2. Take a piece of floss (no particular brand) and starting around the cuticle work the floss in between your nail and the press on.

3. Once the floss is between your nail and the press on work the floss downward (while supporting the press on with your other fingers) until the press on is separated from the nail bed.